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48x96x110, 48x96x65 and 48x96x45 mm, Din Panel Cases

Accumulation of heat in a case is potentially damaging to electrical and electronic instruments. Over-heating within the case can shorten the lifespan of expensive electronic instruments.
Ocean make Ventura series of cases are designed for free flow of air inside the cases so that the components are be protected from overheating, thus increasing the life of an instrument.

Ventura cases are available with ventilation and without ventilation.  These cases are designed for flush mounting instruments, on din panels with cut-out size of 45x92 mm.

Accessories: angles, base plates, panel mounting clamps, front plates and back plates.

Sizes: 48x96x110 mm, 48x96x65 mm and 48x796x45 mm. Molded in black colour ABS plastic.

Din Panel Box Size 48x96x110, 48x96x65 and 48x96x45 mm

Assembly of 48x96 Enclosure with Base Plate and 2 angles

Enquiry form of Din Panel Case 48x96 mm

Enclosures 48x96 mm with Ventilation

Enclosure 48x96 mm without Ventilation

Back Plate

Which screw do you require with pole set? (please select)

Front Plates


Base Plates

Panel Mounting Clamps

Plane Back Plate and Back Plate with 18 Poles

Front Plate Close Type (FP-77C)

Front Plate with Display Cutout (FP-77D)

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