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Module PCB SUPPORT, Din Rail and Wall Mounting

Range of Open PCB SUPPORT for 72 mm wide PCB is designed to obtain a simple and quick system to mount electronic equipment on to 35 mm DIN Rails which are suitable for building different types of modules like, relay modules, connector modules, opto couplers, switches, fuses, diodes, power supplies, analog to digital converters, circuit protection, PLC, etc. These PCB holders are molded in ABS plastic and din rail/wall mounting clamps are molded in poly carbonate.

Available sizes are:  72x35 mm, 72x50 mm, 72x65 mm, 72x80 mm, 72x95 mm, 72x110 mm, 72x125 mm, 72x140 mm, 72x155, 72x170 mm, 72x185mm & 72x200mm.

This is a new generation of open PCB carriers, in which assembly time is reduced, thus leading to a reduction in your product cost.

Module PCB Support (PCB Size 72x170mm)

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