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Open Top Enclosures (OT105 Series) Din Rail & Wall Mounting

Open Top enclosures

Open top enclosures, DIN RAIL and WALL MOUNTING

Open top enclosures can be mounted on standard 35 mm din rail and wall. These enclosures are suitable to mount custom PCB and Standard Interface Modules for DIN Connectors, SUB Miniature DIN Connectors, Flat Cable Connectors, Modules like Relay Modules, Opto-coupler Modules, Switch Modules, Fuse Modules, Diode Modules, Veristor Modules, Power Supply Modules, Over Voltage Protection Modules, Data Transmission and Receiver Modules, Analog/Digital Converter, etc.

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Enclosures for Universal Relay Modules

Open Top Enclosures

Enclosures for Interface products

Open Top Enclosures

OT-47 Din Rail/Wall Mount

OT-70 Din Rail/Wall Mount

OT-100 Din Rail/Wall Mount

OT-130 Din Rail/Wall Mount