Ocean Enclosures

Since 1990

PCB Enclosures (105 Series), Din Rail and Wall Mounting

PCB enclosures are molded in ABS plastic with PCB mounting holes at bottom for fixing of printed circuit board. These enclosures are available in various sizes to suit your electronic project needs. This series of enclosures can be mounted on din rail as well as on wall. A wide range of matching options and possibilities of mounting components on both sides of PCB which may satisfy any particular or specific customers need giving to the product a unique and personalised design. This series of boxes are available in Ocean grey color. For more details please refer below given PDF.

Enclosure for 105x47 mm PCB

Enclosure for 105x100 mm PCB

Inside View of PCB Enclosures

Enclosure for 105x70 mm PCB

Enclosure for 105x130 mm PCB

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Enclosures for less than 100mm wide PCB

Enclosures for more than 100mm wide PCB