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I/O Multi-Functional Housing

Molded in PC+PA66. Structure type: Compact terminal module housing with signal LED. Supporting RJ45-1, RJ45-2, DB9, connectors. Stable connection. Free-hand plugging and unplugging. Easy to assemble. Internal bus through 6 gold-plated terminals at the bottom. Equipped with 8-channel function module. Each node is equipped with LED. Two internal gold-plated blade connectors are used for power cascade expansion. Can be installed on DIN rail. Ambient temperature (operation) -40℃~+70℃. Height 66.8mm X Width 12mm (main module) X Length 100mm. PCB thickness 1mm. Connectable guide cross section AWG: 28~12AWG. Conductor cross section: 0.2~2.5mm2. Rated Voltage: 5V/12V. Power Load: 10A. Power contacts: 2 blades contact. Stripping length: 8-9mm, Spring type wiring technology.

IO Multi-Functional Housing with RJ45-1 Connector Cutout


IO Multi-Functional Housing with RJ45-2 Connector Cutout


IO Multi-Functional Housing with DB9 Connector Cutout


Video of IO Multi-Functional Housing


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